I engineer software, usually physics and graphics related, but sometimes finance too.


paulalexanderwelch (at) gmail (dot) com

Project Showcase


A Unity like engine I created in 2012/13 and took to GDC. Supports targets for HTML5 and native code for mobile/desktop. The first 3D engine to support HTML5.

  • Fully featured 3D game engine in 35,000 lines of code.
  • Prototype based entity modeling using RTTI meta data for dynamic editing in tools.
  • Deep C# tools interop. with WebKit/Chromium.
  • COLLADA loader with full boned animation.
  • Full post-processing pipeline and colour correction.
  • 100km of lazy loaded, geo-mipmapped terrain.
  • Revolutionary graph based rendering design.
  • Native code compilation for mobile.
  • Full atmospheric scattering and aerial perspective.
  • Shadow-mapping.
  • Forward and Light-Prepass rendering options.
  • 60fps 3D in HTML5.
  • Materials system shader builder.
  • Fully JSON data driven world and scripting.
  • Completed in 2 months with two developers.

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Mass GPU physics simulator. A unique algorithm allows mobile compatible simulation of 100,000~1,000,000 bodies, with stable stacking and constraints on GPU. The key to this algorithm is eliminating the need for bottom up resolution order for stable stacking.

Project Vector

Back in 2012 I worked for a company which developed a GPU accelerated mobile WebKit. We needed a quick demo to show off performance so I knocked up this demo quickly. The company no longer exists, but I’m able once again to upload the demo. This was designed to be quite demanding so expect your phone to get hot quickly even though some years have passed since it’s creation, the hardest part is probably the navier stokes solver for fluid particles.

Click “PLAY” and enjoy!

  • Box2d based game engine.
  • Fluid simulation for background particle effects.
  • Designed to work with GPU accelerated canvas.
  • Developed in conjuction with Javascript specification contributors.

Here is a video showing our accelerated canvas performance versus mobile Google Chrome at the time.